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In Cold Blood by Truman Capote


Last night I couldn’t sleep until past 4 am. “The reason?”  a book caught me and didn’t leave me to go to bed before finish it. The name of the book as may you already suspect by the title of this post is In Cold Blood, written by Truman Capote. It is considered a modern classic and after reading it I understand why.

I’ve already heard about it time ago in a radio program and I had long been wanting to read it. Finally I found it in a book store and decided to buy it. The inconvenience was that it was in English. Though I am used to read some books in English they are often related with Geology or Planetary Sciences. In any case mostly scientific books or articles that I have to read for work. I was very reluctant to read any novel written in English just for fun. You know, plenty of words and expressions that I don’t understand, checking the translator every 5 minutes so usually the book was relegated to a corner of the shelf. But this time was different. I was determined to finish it.

In Cold Blood tells the true story of a brutal murder happened in Holcomb, Kansas, in 1959. Herbert William Clutter, his wife Bonnie and their two teenagers children, Nancy and Keynon were found dead in their own home with obvious signs of violence. The family were very appreciated in the area, God-fearing, generous and without any known enemy. No one could understand the reasons for of the murder. While residents of this peaceful and prosperous region of farmers trying to absorb what happened, fear and suspicion were growing among them.

The Clutter family: Herbert and Bonnie, Nancy and Keynon.

The killers were found to be two ex-convicts on parole,  Richard Eugene (Dick) Hickock  and Perry Edward Smith. They thought that Mr. Clutter kept at least 10,000 dollars in a safe at home. They couldn’t found it so they killed the family one by one. After a while in living in Mexico they came back to United States and travelled across the country aimlessly.

But then a former cellmate of Dick who had worked for Mr. Clutter, Floyd Wells, identified them as the killers. When they were sharing cell, Floyd told to Dick how rich Mr. Clutter was and the existence of a safe in the house with at least 10,000 dollars.  Dick began to plot the murder.  This information turned out to be false and the money stolen from the house was a little more than 40 dollars. Dick and Perry were arrested and sentenced to capital punishment. Finally, they were hanged on 1965 in Lansing Penitentiary, Kansas.

Up: Perry Smith.
Down: Dick Hickock.

Truman Capote together with his friend, the writer Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird), interviewed neighbours, friends and the police. Also, Dick and Perry were interviewed when they names were revealed. The result was a detailed and realistic record of the events, written as a traditional novel but with the truth worthy of a journalistic story.

Simply I loved it!

A kiss, my sweethearts.

P.D. It’s the first time I write in English in my blog so please forgive the mistakes I could make. I did my best.